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Frank Thoughts – 274 – January 7, 2014

When I started this page, I used it to post essays on assorted subjects. Later, I began using it to post recent photographs. Since starting to post my pictures on Flickr and Facebook, I never think to post new pictures here any more. Even so, I think I'll keep this page as a convenient linkup to a few of the other pages I like to visit.

Other selected Lyne Art pages

Alison's Illustrators Linkup Page with links to many other artists.

Big Picture - Shows me demonstrating how to position a block of wood for carving

Links to people we know

Daniel Arite - Nashville, Tennessee - Daniel is both a musician and a visual artist. His first CD is called The Secret Marvelous Instead, Vol. 1 and features the lyrics of Thandiwe Shiprah and Daniel's music.

Tracy Barrett - Nashville, Tennessee - Tracy teaches at Vanderbilt University. She is also Regional Advisor Emeritus for the Midsouth (Kentucky & Tennessee) Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Search engines

Google - Yahoo - Bing


dailykos - Huffington PostBBC - Aljazeera

Link exchanges, individuals

Colleen Cassidy-Burns - Sarasota, Florida - Colleen's work includes painted furniture, watercolors, art classes and custom framing.

Sonya Moran - Byron Bay, Australia - Sonya is a sculptress. Her mediums include marble, wood, cold cast alloy and clear resin.

Link exchanges, organizations

Kentucky Ornithological Society - A web site for Kentucky birders. The KOS also sponsors an email listserv called Bird Kentucky

Soho Gallery - Sydney, Australia - Soho gallery features a diverse mix of talented emerging and established artists. Many mediums shown, servives to private and public collectors

More links

Shooting Star Nursery - specializes in plants native to the forests, prairies, and wetlands of eastern North America. Plants are grown from seed or vegetatively. They do not sell wild-collected plants.

Tennessee Birds – an email list serv for Tennessee birders.

Ebird – A web site sponsored by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and The Audubon Society for reporting bird observations anywhere in the United States.

International Crane Foundation

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