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This page is an effort to “linkup” some of the many children’s book illustrators and other fine artists I’ve had the privilege to meet. Some I've met in a virtual way .......and some in real life.

I belong to SCBWI (Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) in the MidSouth Region, and I've attend their regional Fall Conferences for the last ten years or so. For two of those years 2007 and 2008, Frank took some lovely photos of the conference, and I've written about some of the highlights here and here .

Most of us illustrator types use our websites as our online artwork portfolios.....and put our day to day musings, sketches, and latest favs on our blogs. So I like to visit both blogs and websites on a regular basis.... just to see what everyone else is doing.

Click on the links below, to view a few of my favorite websites and blogs..........

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Jed Alexander blog:

Lynn Alpert blog:

Wayne Brezinka’s blog:

Lynn Chapman’s blog

Lynn Chapman's website:

Diana Delosh Blog

Diana Delosh website

Elizabeth Dulemba’s blog

Susan Eaddy's website:

Mark Fearing blog

Sarah Frances Hardy’s blog

Lisa Horstman blog

An Irish Illustration blog

Wanda Johnson's website/blog:

Doug Jones blog:

Karen Jones’ blog

Contance McLennan’s blog

Lynn Martin's website :

Jennifer E Morris blog

Ginger Nelson’s blogspot

Tina Nichols Blog:

Ann Sibley O’Brien’s blog

Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Alicia Padron’s blog

Gina Perry’s blog

Matt Phelan

Adam Rex blog

Shantala Robinson’s blog

Christina Rodriguez blog

Danaye Shiplett’s blog

Kris Sexton's website:

Lori Taylor’s blog

Jamie Temairik’s blog:

Mary Uhles’ blog

Mary Uhles' website:

Kristi Valient’s blog

Richard Watson’s blogspot

Katia Wish’s blog

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