Alison Davis Lyne

Buildings, Landscapes and Flowers

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Rainbow Clouds

acrylic on canvas 11”x14”


Green Glow

18”x24” watercolor $500

Blog post

Lands End

8”x10” acrylic on masonite


Winter Glow

Watercolor 12”x16” $400

Blog post


16”x20” acrylic $300

Blog post

Kentucky Provencial

18”x24” Acrylic on masonite



11”x14” watercolor & colored pencils $200

Blog post

Blue Geode in Wood

Blog post

Vine Ripened Puppys for Sale

16”x20” Acrylic on masonite $400

Blog post

Blue on Blue

12”x12” acrylic on canvas $100

Blog post

Romantic Roses

8”x10” acrylic on canvas $100

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Blue Vase

9”x12” acrylic on masonite $200

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all materials shown here are copyrighted by the artist

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